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We are a group of diverse civil society organizations, with a common goal: to work together with other organizations and public administrations for a more just and equitable society, respecting the environment and human rights, especially for women and vulnerable groups in the Basque Country and throughout the Planet.




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There are still too many people - the poorest, women, migrants, people at risk of violence and discrimination - in situations of inequality and with difficulties in exercising their rights. We work so that public policies take into account especially the vulnerable groups or collectives, incorporating their demands.


To do this, we take as a reference the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations and especially its principle of "leave no one behind". If we do not manage to be all people at the center, regardless of their gender, sex, origin, age etc., it will be impossible to achieve the social transformation towards sustainability that we demand..





Through dialogue with the various social partners and networking; contributing from intersectorality, gender equality and human rights, acting locally with a global approach. To this end, we intend to know in depth the situation of the vulnerable groups and strengthen ourselves as organizations and as active political subjects, so that all our voices are heard. Likewise, we will influence Basque society and, especially, decision-makers so that they fulfill their responsibilities.





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News  Latest news about All Together


From January to March 2022 we had a section in the radio program "Distrito Euskadi" of the Basque radio-television to talk about All Together, our proposal to understand the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs from the perspectives of vulnerable groups in the Basque Country.


All interviews here:   09/03/2022. Mujeres en la diversidad: "Muchas mujeres migradas tenemos una formación que no nos es reconocida"   02/03/2022. Consejo de la Juventud de Euskadi: "¿Qué convierte hoy día a la juventud vasca en un colectivo vulnerable?"   23/02/2022. BIDAYA Elkartea: "Hay que visibilizar la diversidad que existe en el mundo de las mujeres musulmanas"   15/02/2022. AMESTEN Elkartea: abrazando la diversidad como algo enriquecedor y transformador   08/02/2022. UNICEF Comité País Vasco: ¿Qué mundo queremos para la infancia de 2030?   01/02/2022. KOOP SF34: convirtiendo la diversidad en fortaleza   25/01/2022. AMUGE: A veces se nos deshumaniza, pero los derechos humanos son también derechos gitanos   19/01/2022. GEHITU: los retos del colectivo LGTBIQ+ en la red Todas juntas   11/01/2022. FORO RURAL MUNDIAL: red plural por la promoción de la Agricultura Familiar y el Desarrollo Rural Sostenible  04/01/2022. OSCARTE: más de 20 años fomentando una cultura de solidaridad y de participación ciudadana   15/12/2021. UNESCO ETXEA: Nos sumamos en una alianza para transformar, entender, escuchar y aprender




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