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UNESCO Etxea participates in Madrid at the 1st Conference on water, human rights and dissemination

The act was brought to a close with the Premire of Ocanos, the largest worldwide divulgation project on water and was attended by Ms Elena Espinosa, the Spanish Minister for the Environment and Rural and Marine Resources.

On the day before Earth Day, Cin TV and its strategic partner WASA Global Network, - an international body devoted to water and of which UNESCO Etxea is a member - held in Madrid the 1st Conference on Water, Human Rights and Dissemination attended by almost 100 representatives from different related bodies, institutions and private companies, to which UNESCO Etxea was invited.

WASA- GN works internationally for water governance backed by its knowledge and uses transparent communication with a universal scientific base. CIN TV is a production company specialising in nature and awareness documentaries, programmes and contents.

The strategic association between WASA-GN and CIN TV came into being with the objective of bringing to leaders and sectors capable of transforming society (Foundations, CSR of large companies and institutions social action) and the general population, the message of WATER as a human right and source of life. At present the collaboration between these entities has seen various actions, of which we could highlight Mundos de Agua (Worlds of Water) in 2008 and its screening at various events in Spain and abroad. It is currently developing the International Chair on Water which has the vocation to provide a place for reflection in order to search for solutions to this universal problem through training, a working group with Harvard University on the issue of Water, Human Rights and Democracy, as well as new activities with Madrids Complutense University.

This act, held at the Hotel de Las Letras, was presented by Ms M Teresa Quintela, member of WASA-GN, and chaired by Carlos Fernandez-Juregui (CVO of WASA-GN) and Juan Antonio Domnguez (Chief Executive of Cin TV) who in a relaxed manner set out the ambitious objectives of this union with the aid of audiovisual supports like the trailer of Ocanos or the impressive images on the situation of water in the world, while the guests enjoyed a pleasant cocktail party.

At the end of the meeting, all of the guests went to the Capitol cinema to attend the premier of the documentary Ocanos, the latest and largest worldwide awareness project on water.

Water and Human Rights

Carlos Fernandez-Juregui (CVO of WASA-GN) provided convincing data on the issue. In the world there are 1.2 billion people without access to safe drinking water, and double that figure, 2.6 billion, without access to basic sanitation. These figures mean that every 3 seconds a person dies as a result of this situation. There is a right to life, to housing or education, but water which supports all life must also be considered a human right, and it is on this issue that WASA-GN is working so that access to water and basic sanitation can become a human rights.

Supporting this basic need and for it to be applied around the globe requires 50,000 million euros in order to achieve the Millennium Goal to half the population without these services. This requires the support from all of the institutions to ensure that this serious problem is addressed by the governments of the developed world.

Water and Awareness

The importance of the awareness of Water as fundamental value for life does not only concern the institutions but also the general public, and this idea was backed by Juan Antonio Domnguez (Chief Executive of Cin TV).

Cin TV has produced and participated in two large-scale projects Ocanos (Oceans) and Mundos de Agua (Worlds of Water)- , which are without doubt already fulfilling the transforming awareness work as its strategy of mass dissemination is much more effective than any specific campaign which uses other international awareness channels. MUNDOS DE AGUA (WORLDS OF WATER) - consisting of 26 thirty minute chapters in HD has already been seen by about 800 million people around the world and OCEANOS (OCEANS), Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzauds super-production, is attracting excellent reviews from the critics and public in all of the countries where it has been shown.

However, although some of the aspects and concepts which provide fundamental values for Water awareness have been set out, there are still many more things to discuss and many challenges for the future, and perhaps the next challenge, in an increasingly audiovisual world, is the meaning of Virtual Water in the real world.

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